What we are doing for the environment

What we are doing for our environment

We have a strong passion to ensure we are not impacting our environment by introducing more plastic. Our soaps are wrapped in a biodegradable wrap which leave no impact to our environment, while our packaging in our shipping boxes we use shredded paper and tissue paper to wrap our products. Our shipping boxes are also taped in a cardboard tape rather than a plastic tape to reduce this unnecessary waste. 


Every box that our raw materials come from are either used to organise our stock or are placed into the recycling bin. 


We like to ensure that we reduce the amount of waste going into our environment by a few procedures we have in place. 

  1. We have reduced the amount of paper we use and the only paper that is printed off are our packing slips and our shipping labels. 
  2. All bottles that our oils are packaged in are reused one way or another, from measuring fragrance loads to mixing our special blends. 
  3. We do not use any single use plastics. What ever plastics we do receive are sorted into categories and disposed of correctly. 


We are big ambassadors for all of the Australian Native Wildlife and because of this, we volunteer at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. As a volunteer there for over 4 years, you can see how important donations are and what a difference they can make. Along with volunteering, any time we can, we like to support these centres by either donating some of our profits from sales related to the animals or by holding market stalls for them at open days where all of our profits go straight back into the centre.