How to:

How to correctly burn a soy candle: 

- When you are conducting your first burn, ensure the wax burns to the edge of the jar before extinguishing. Wax has a "memory" and will always burn back to the first burn. 

- Ensure you are burning the candle away from any air flow and away from curtains. 

- Never leave the candle unattended in the house. 

- Do NOT burn the candle for over 4hrs at a time as this can heat the jar up too much. 

- Ensure the candle wax and jar are completely cool before placing the lid back onto the jar. If placed on too early, there can be a vacuum formed and the lid would not come off the jar again. 


How to use a shower bomb for optimal results: 

- Before turning the shower on, pop the shower bomb in the corner of the shower away from a direct stream of water 

- Try to not splash a stream of water if you would like it to last longer

- When we have tried these at home ourselves, they have lasted for at least a 10 minute shower