Coming Soon

Below are a list of some fun and exciting products coming to our page soon. 


- Shampoo Bars 

- Shave Bars



- Butterbeer Inspired Candle: Those that are Harry Potter friends would be very familiar with this iconic drink from the movies. We are recreating this for all those fans out there that want a small taste of Harry Potter in their house. 


Shower and Bath Bombs: 

- Shower Bombs: More fragrances to come 

- Bath Bombs: Bath Bombs should be well known to a lot of people. They are a lovely addition to any bath. 


Sugar Scrubs: 

 - Sugar Shower Scrub: more fragrances like watermelon, strawberry to come

- Sugar Lip Scrub: More flavours to come like tutti frutti, to come


Accessories for Soaps and Candles 

- Soap Racks 

- Wick Trimmers 


If you are interested in these products make sure that you sign up for information on product releases so that you can be first in first served before they sell out.